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Tattoo appointment info:

For the most part we tattoo by appointment although we won't turn you away if we have time. All appointments require a deposit which is dependent on how much drawing we will need to do. This will secure your date and of course go towards your overall price of your new tattoo. We will get to work and have a drawing ready for you when you get here.
Please contact us through our contact form, call us at 215-277-1857, or stop on by tues-sat 12-7/8.
If you need to reschedule, please allow 48 hrs notice or you will forfeit your deposit.

What to expect:

The best way to deal with getting a tattoo is through meditative breathing. Imagine that as you slowly exhale you are releasing the stored negative energy which will calm the body's reflex'. We strive to keep a relaxing environment for you as the client.
Some spots can be a little rough but you can do it! We would advise getting plenty of rest the night before or as much as your excitement will allow you to. Eating a little something beforehand is an excelent idea. Wear something comfortable and bring along something to drink.

Healing instructions:

We give a small amount of a/e ointment to everyone who gets tattooed which can be substituted for aquafore

  1. Unwrap your tattoo as soon as you can. Waiting no longer than 6hrs and in a place you can properly dispose of the bandage.
  2. Over the next 3 days you should wash your tattoo at least morning, noon and night, with soap(antibacterial is best).
  3. Gently rub in a little bit of ointment. And then take a damp cloth or paper towel and wipe away the excess ointment.
    A good rule of thumb is:
    You want the ointment IN the tattoo not ON the tattoo.
  4. Switch to a fragrance free lotion after a few days and use that for about a week. Do not let your tattoo come in contact with gym equipment, safety pads, dirty workout clothing,lots of sun and /or pets for about a week. Wait two weeks before applying sunblock.

Art sales:

All of the artwork in the gallery is for sale.
Submissions are always welcomed for consideration in solo or group exhibitions. There is no fee to submit although submission does not guarantee entry.
Work can be submitted through